Chef'sChoice #615 Electric Food Slicer

Chef'sChoice® International™ Electric Food Slicer #615:
Whether you’re entertaining guests or serving up fresh food for the family, this elegantly styled electric food slicer is engineered for power, efficiency and smooth operation. The Model 615 will help to quickly and easily slice a wide variety of foods including meat, vegetables, breads and cheeses. It’s the perfect solution for home chefs who seek innovative options for preparing meals, entertaining cost effectively, controlling portions and enjoying freshly sliced foods.

The M615’s multi-purpose, 7" stainless steel blade and precision thickness control, allows users to slice from deli-thin to approximately ¾-inch thick. The model’s intermittent and continuous on/off switch and safety button secures the food carriage in “lock” position to limit access to blade when not in use.

An optional non-serrated blade for ultra-thin slicing and blade sharpener are available. One year limited warranty. 15"L x 10.25"W x 10.75"H. Weight - 10.6 lbs.

Type: Cutlery

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