Morimoto Edition

MIYABI 600 S merges authentic Japanese blade styles with a western-looking ergonomic handle. This results in knives with the sharpness Japanese knives are famous for combined with the easy care and comfort typical for western knives.
The FRIODUR® blades are made out of the top quality German ZWILLING Special Formula Steel and ice hardened to a minimum of 57 on the Rockwell scale of hardness. MIYABI 600 S knives have high cutting edge retention, flexibility and corrosion resistance and therefore are extremely durable.

Each knife is hand-sharpened traditional “honbazuke” style with an edge of 9.5 to 12 degrees on each side, resulting in scalpel like sharpness. Specific weight adjustments in the handle make MIYABI 600 S the perfect choice for all standard cooking techniques. The POM handle is comfortable, balanced and provides tireless cutting.

Manufactured in Seki, Japan

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