The Knife

"The Knife" is the new, innovative chef knife design from Guede!  There is nothing else like it in the world.  In order to improve balance, reduce fatigue, and increase efficiency, professional chefs hold their chef knives by grabbing the blade with the thumb and forefinger.  But traditional knives are not designed to accommodate being held that way and is difficult for the home chef to learn.

Now, Guede has redesigned the chef knife so that it is natural to be held properly for the most comfortable and efficient use!  With a thicker blade for a secure grip, repositioned handle for better leverage, and 26cm (over 10") of blade length, The Knife will quickly become your favorite knife!

The Knife begins as a single piece of high quality specially alloyed Chrome-Vanadium-Moly German cutlery steel.  Then is hand forged, fitted with an African Blackwood handle, and hand sharpened.  Wash and dry by hand, NOT for the dishwasher.

The Knife is packaged in a gift box with a high quality Guede kitchen towel.  This is the first time The Knife is being made available in the U.S.A. and quantities are limited.  Order yours today!

German Design Award Special 2016Interior Innovation Award 2015

 The Knife is the winner of the prestigious German Design Award 2016 and the Interior Innovation Award 2015!

Type: Cutlery

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