Benefits of Pressure Cooking

Perfectly Safe

Vitaquick® pressure cookers exceed the minimum safety requirements of Europe and the United States with patented innovative features such as:

Euromatic Safety Valve: With the perfection of the automatic Euromatic valve, every Vitaquick® pressure cooker offers a high degree of safety with convenience and reliability. The valve only engages once the handle is properly locked, and it ensures a safe build-up of pressure and opening of the lid by automatically closing once the oxygen has escaped. The valve also automatically releases any excess pressure to maintain a safe level at any time.

Residual Pressure Block: The cooker can only be opened if it has been depressurized completely.

Interlocking Lid: The stainless lid locks into place, creating a tight seal, and pressure can only build if the lid is put on correctly and locked. It is impossible for the lid to come off with pressure inside.

Automatic Steam Release: If the temperature in the cooker increases too much, the automatic steam release function in the main control valve permits steam to escape and thus limits the temperature and pressure.

Benefits of Using Fissler Pressure Cookers

With Vitaquick®, you save up to 70% of the regular cooking time and as much as 50% of the energy traditionally used in cooking.

Using Vitaquick® pressure cookers is a great way of achieving a balanced diet while saving previous time and energy!


Conventional cooking methods cause many vitamins and minerals to be destroyed or released in the cooking liquid, which is often drained. Vitaquick® pressure cookers require less cooking liquid and cook faster, preserving food’s nutritional value.

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No Sound, Steam & Smell Vitaquick® pressure cookers are very unique in that they are completely silent. There is no unnerving rattling or hissing while under normal operating pressure. Once the oxygen is expelled and the valve locks into place, hardly any steam escapes into the air during the cooking process, keeping the kitchen cool and odor-free. As a result of this silent operation, less time, energy, and liquid is required during the cooking process.
Alternative Uses Vitaquick® pressure cookers are great tools in the kitchen for more than just cooking. Vitaquick® may be used for preserving (canning) low-acid foods safely and effectively. In addition, due to the high heat and pressure, Vitaquick® may be used to sterilize baby bottles and other items for use in the home.