Fissler Cookware

If cookware could speak, Fissler pots would have quite a lot to say. They would tell us about the era of the “goulash cannon” around
the turn of the century, about the first aluminum pots for the electric stove - a sensation in the 1920’s. And they would certainly
report on Fissler’s invention of the first stay-cool handles, all-stove base, pressure skillet, and ingenious application of space
technology, which resulted in the first nonstick coating for pans. These are just a few examples drawn from the long list of Fissler
innovations, which show the broad range of important inventions and developments that turned a small plumbing shop in 1845 into
one of the world's leading cookware manufacturers. One thing is certain - today, each and every pot stands for over 160 years of
experience, quality, and ideas. Every single product from Fissler proves - each and every day - that with them, cooking is more
energy-efficient, healthful, and delicious.

Each Fissler product is made from the highest quality materials, including hygienic 18/10 German stainless steel, and goes
through its certified quality control system. Through the use of these materials, German manufacturing precision, and unique
features, Fissler ensures that each product will offer satisfaction for lifetimes of use.

Fissler has repeatedly set standards and launched new cooking trends. Numerous international patents, and registered designs
document the
company’s impressive performance. Fissler's innovations have revolutionized the world of cooking.