Gude Alpha Series 12.5" Bread Knife

This design is the mother of all bread knives!  As the inventors of the serrated bread knife, this is the original design patented by Gude over 100 years ago.  At 12-1/2", the blade alone is as long or longer than what other companies call a bread knife.  Overall length including the handle is over 17-1/2".  This will be one of the most cherished knives in your kitchen!
The Alpha Series knives begin as a single piece of specially alloyed Chrome-Vanadium-Moly cutlery steel. Each knife is hand forged and continues through more than thirty separate steps in the production process before completion. The finely polished grips are made from a robust, long-lasting plastic called Hostaform. Ice hardened stainless steel, hand sharpened and dishwasher safe! The Alpha Series knives are manufactured in accordance with the standards for use in restaurants and the food processing industry and offer the widest model range of any Güde Knife Series.

Made in Germany

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